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Kwame Spearman is a Denver native who loves this city and is committed to serving us all. He is running for mayor because he fervently believes that while Denver is facing significant challenges, with the right leadership moving us forward — every person and every neighborhood can succeed.


Kwame will provide the bold, determined leadership we need to get the city and your neighborhood working for all of us.

Denver Roots

Kwame’s roots in Denver run deep. He was born at Rose Hospital on Denver's east side and was raised in the Montclair neighborhood. As the proud son of a father who spent his career working for the City, and a mother who began her career as a teacher and rose through the ranks to become an assistant superintendent of Denver Public Schools, Kwame was raised to value public service. It was his parents’ work, seeing the difference it made in the lives of citizens and the community, that motivated Kwame’s lifelong commitment to serve his community. Service, helping others, was not just a slogan – it was a way of life for the Spearman family.

Kwame owes his success to Denver Public Schools and is a proud graduate of East High School. From there, he went on to excel at Columbia University, where he served as class president. Before he became CEO of the Tattered Cover, Kwame earned degrees from Yale Law School and Harvard Business School, launching his career in business and entrepreneurship. Kwame was fortunate to have such supportive parents, and he gives great credit to Denver’s public schools, and the neighborhood he grew up in, for launching his later successes as a Denver business owner.

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East High School,
Class of 2002

The Spearman Family

Saving the Tattered Cover

Kwame is the proud owner of the Tattered Cover, Colorado’s largest independent bookstore. He is even prouder of his work to save and restore the Tattered Cover. Kwame faced head-on the difficulties all small businesses endured during the pandemic, and due to his business acumen and leadership, the Tattered Cover survived and remains a beloved Denver institution, both a local and national landmark, welcoming everyone with open arms, inviting them to explore and as part of his commitment to education and literacy, to read. Under his leadership, the Tattered Cover has thrived; sales are stronger, and the Tattered Cover has expanded with four new locations.


Kwame is also committed to giving back to our community. He currently serves on the board of directors for Citywide Banks, as well as the boards of several local civil institutions, including the Denver Public Schools Foundation, the Downtown Denver Partnership, and the Colorado Education Initiative.

Alan, Kwame, David in Colfax.jpg

David Back (pictured left), Kwame Spearman (pictured middle), and Alan Frosh (pictured right)

Photo by Allison Daniell,
Stellar Propeller Studio

Kwame for Denver

Kwame is running for Mayor to bring his brand of social-impact leadership to City Hall and ensure that the next generation of Denverites have the city and the future we all deserve. He knows the city; he loves the city, and he is excited to work with all of us to ensure that Denver reflects our values and aspirations. Together, with Kwame Spearman as mayor, we can create a brighter future for all of us.

Photo byYumi Matsuo


Denverites! Your voice and donations will help now more than ever. Let’s make sure your mayor works for you. The Fair Election Fund allows your donation (up to $50) to be matched by the city at a 9:1 ratio. Translation: your $50 donation provides our campaign with $500.

Click on an option to get started. If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

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