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Registered Democrat

Denver's Teachers have endorsed Kwame to lead DPS!

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My opponent, John Youngquist, is backed by out-of-state billionaire dark money.

Watch this Channel 7 coverage

Kwame's Priorities for DPS:
  • Pay our teachers the most in the region

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Build affordable housing for teachers

  • Keep our schools excellent and safe

Read about my priorities


Kwame’s running for Denver School Board to give our students the leadership they deserve. 


I'm the son of a Denver Public Schools teacher.  Proud DPS graduate.  Tattered Cover owner.  I’m running for the School Board because I have the experience to help make our schools safe, focused on academic excellence, and ready for the next generation of leaders.

I believe in Denver Public Schools.


I am the son of a DPS teacher and a DPS graduate.  I know two things about DPS: its role is to support our students, teachers, and community, and at its best, DPS can positively transform lives and outcomes.  The latter is what happened to me.


DPS is at an inflection point.  We need new leadership to help us address safety, teacher compensation, and our achievement gap.  I see a future where 100% of our third graders can be at reading level, 100% of our high school students can graduate, and 100% of our students can feel safe in school.

I have the experience to help the district.

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On The Campaign Trail

No upcoming events at the moment


Your voice and donations will help now more than ever. If we’re going to start focusing on our students and take politics out of our schools, we’ll need your support. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to academic excellence for our students.  

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